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Zenith Will Rebrand Former Corinthian-Owned Everest Campuses as ‘Altierus’

July 19, 2017

The following article is from Politico Pro

Zenith Education Group, which two years ago purchased most campuses own by the then-collapsing Corinthian Colleges for-profit chain, is rebranding some of those schools.

Zenith, a nonprofit organization, announced today that the former Corinthian-owned campuses that operated under the Everest brand will now be called Altierus. The campuses that operate under the WyoTech brand will remain unchanged.

Since acquiring the Corinthian campuses more than two years ago as part of a deal brokered by the Obama administration, Zenith says it has consolidated and overhauled how the schools operate.

Peter Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Zenith Education Group, which is owned by the nonprofit Educational Credit Management Corporation, explained the name change in a statement: “The name Altierus is inspired by our mission to provide this new, alternative pathway for students by offering a best-in-class experience that is a tier above existing models in which all of us — faculty, career specialists and financial aid experts — serve as a team to care for the ‘whole student.'"

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