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ECMC Group Is a Nonprofit Corporation with a Mission to Help Students Succeed

ECMC Group

ECMC Group is a nonprofit corporation focused on helping students succeed. Headquartered in Minneapolis, ECMC Group and its family of companies provide financial tools and services, nonprofit career education and funding for innovative programs to help students achieve their academic and professional goals.


Established in 1994, Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) is a nonprofit company that provides support for the administration of the Federal Family Education Loan Program as a student loan guaranty agency. ECMC is the designated guarantor in Virginia, Oregon, Connecticut, California, Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana and Utah, and the third-party guarantor servicer for three clients. In our guarantor role, ECMC provides financial education services to empower students to make informed choices about their futures. ECMC also oversees student loan repayments to ensure taxpayer funds are replenished so future generations of students have access to federal education funding.

For postsecondary institutions, ECMC offers Solutions—a suite of services that includes financial literacy, student loan repayment counseling and default prevention. This line of business is a natural adjacency to our role as a guaranty agency as it expands our reach to help student loan borrowers successfully meet their student loan obligations. To learn more about our Solutions services, visit

ECMC Foundation

Based in Los Angeles, ECMC Foundation's mission is to inspire and facilitate improvements that affect educational outcomes—especially among underserved populations—through evidence-based innovation. The Foundation makes investments in two focus areas: College Success and Career Readiness. It is one of several affiliates under the ECMC Group enterprise based in Minneapolis.

ECMC Education

ECMC Education is a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation, employer collaboration and industry stewardship to generate superior learner outcomes. The organization operates Altierus Career College—a network of career and technical schools delivering allied health and skilled trades programs. By pioneering a robust, technology-enabled educational model that holistically serves learners and connects them to in-demand careers with strong earning potential, ECMC Education seeks to lead the way forward in career and technical education (CTE).

Our Mission, Vision + Values

We are dedicated to integrating our mission and vision into all aspects of our business, and to serve customers, business partners and colleagues in accordance with our values.

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