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Zenith Education Group Introduces Altierus

July 19, 2017

New name reflects vision, transformation underway for nonprofit career college campuses

Zenith Education Group today introduced Altierus, the new brand name for its Everest career college campuses. Altierus will be launched over the next few weeks in markets where the schools are located.

“When we acquired these schools more than two years ago, we focused on righting their course to provide a quality experience that helps students get good, family-supporting jobs in high-growth industries where skilled workers are lacking. Having laid this critical groundwork, we’re now in a position to build on it and reach our ultimate vision of becoming a third pathway for nontraditional students for whom community colleges and for-profit schools haven’t worked,” said Peter Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Zenith Education Group. “It’s time our name accurately reflects our offerings in how we communicate about ourselves to students, the employers who hire our graduates and the communities that support them.”

Zenith Education Group acquired several Everest campuses from the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges chain more than two years ago and immediately transitioned them to nonprofit status. Since then, the now Altierus campuses have undergone many changes including:

  • Establishing a holistic admissions process designed to connect students to the programs that are the best fit for them. This also includes pre-enrollment financial literacy counseling to ensure prospective students understand the financial investment involved.
  • Offering campus-based academic and personal support programs for those students who do enroll, to help them successfully attend and graduate. This includes partnering with community organizations for child care and food bank support and providing “Dress for Success” vouchers for interview-ready clothing.
  • Improving affordability by providing scholarships and grants, and offering an initial 20 percent tuition reduction, totaling more than $110 million in support to date.
  • Instituting a complete curriculum review and refresh in all disciplines, as well as enhancements to facilities and labs that reflect the work environment.
  • Providing career planning and placement services throughout the lifecycle of students’ programs to ensure they stay on track and complete the steps that are critical to securing jobs.
  • Forming a lifetime professional network via ongoing skills training and alumni support for graduates.

“The name Altierus is inspired by our mission to provide this new, alternative pathway for students by offering a best-in-class experience that is a tier above existing models in which all of us–faculty, career specialists and financial aid experts–serve as a team to care for the ‘whole student,’” said Taylor. “Simply put, we help students build strong professional and personal skills, we provide 1:1 guidance throughout their journey, and we surround them with a community of accountable students and faculty to ensure they stay on track.”

About Altierus
Altierus Career College is a dedicated community that fully equips students to thrive. With campuses across the U.S., Altierus helps students build strong professional and personal skills through 1:1 guidance and a community of students accountable to each other and faculty to help them stay on track throughout their journey. Altierus is part of Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit career education system that builds better student experiences through new programs, campus improvements, grants and scholarships. For more information, visit

About Zenith Education Group
Zenith Education Group is a nonprofit provider of career school training and a member of ECMC Group. Above all, Zenith is driven to help students succeed by providing affordable, quality education and training for occupations in demand. Through its Altierus and WyoTech schools across the country, Zenith offers diploma and degree programs in healthcare, skilled trades, business and other fields. For more information, go to

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