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Everest College-Colorado Springs Becomes Altierus Career College

August 07, 2017

The following article is from The Colorado Springs Business Journal

Everest College-Colorado Springs announced this week that its name would be changing to Altierus Career College, effective Aug. 8. Everest College-Colorado Springs was acquired two years ago by the Minneapolis-based Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit “career education provider,” according to its website.

“The new name … reflects the college’s updated and expanded offerings in high-demand medical and trade industries, including efforts to ensure that students are well-matched with career choices and develop the soft skills local employers value most,” according to a news release issued by the college.

“Our approach has shifted significantly to deliver not just technical instruction but also prepare students with the full set of workplace skills that employers value,” said Altierus Career College, Colorado Springs Executive Director Carissa Seger in the release. “We blend career guidance, skills education, externships and soft skills training in a holistic experience that helps students launch their careers.”

The Colorado Springs campus, after being acquired by Zenith Education Group in 2015, immediately transitioned to nonprofit status.

“Since then, the soon-to-be Altierus campus has undergone many changes geared toward the ultimate vision of becoming a third pathway for nontraditional students for whom community colleges and for-profit schools have not worked, including helping students to develop many of the ‘soft skills’ employers say they value most,” the release states.

Changes include:

  • Establishing a more individualized admissions process designed to connect students to programs, including pre-enrollment financial literacy counseling to help prospective students understand the financial investment;
  • Enhancing training by instituting a complete curriculum review and refresh in all disciplines, as well as enhancements to facilities and labs that reflect the work environment;
  • Providing students with instruction that focuses on the “soft skills” that local employers value and that often determine job placement, such as interviewing, workplace communications and conflict management;
  • Providing career planning and placement services throughout the lifecycle of students’ programs to help students stay on track and complete the steps that are critical to securing jobs;
  • Pursuing a lifetime professional network via ongoing skills training and alumni support for graduates;
  • Improving affordability by providing scholarships and grants that reduce the amount students have to borrow; and
  • Offering campus-based academic and personal support programs to help students successfully attend and graduate. This includes partnering with community organizations to remove obstacles and provide for basic needs, such as food bank and “Dress for Success” interview-ready clothing resources.

Altierus Career College, Colorado Springs offers computer information technology (associate of applied science degree), dental assistant, massage therapy, medical administrative assistant and medical assistant programs.

Everest’s one-time parent company, Corinthian Colleges Inc., was investigated for defrauding students prior to the school’s acquisition by Zenith in 2015.

After months of pressure from the federal government to wind down its operations, the for-profit system contracted to sell 56 of its U.S. schools — two in Colorado Springs. The schools included Everest University Online (1575 Garden of the Gods Road) and Everest College (1815 Jet Wing Drive), which together employed more than 300 people locally.

Corinthian agreed to sell the campuses and assets for $24 million to Zenith Education Group, the sole subsidiary of Minnesota-based Educational Credit Management Corporation Group Inc.

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