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ECMC Group Appoints Bruce Feist Vice President of Applications and Analytics

November 08, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS—ECMC Group has announced the appointment of Bruce Feist as vice president of applications and analytics.

“Bruce has a strong background leading across complex businesses and managing end-to-end delivery of technology solutions,” said Rahoul Ghose, chief information officer for ECMC Group. “His ability to build teams and partner effectively across a diverse group of organizations, combined with his experience in business-to-business solution delivery, will be of great value to ECMC Group.”

Feist will be responsible for advancing ECMC Group’s IT organizational competencies and helping to ensure the organization’s business functions align with corporate strategy.

“My experience has shown me the importance digital capabilities have in an organization’s ability to grow, adapt and thrive,” said Feist. “I’m excited to work with ECMC Group’s leaders to build a strong, cross-functional team that helps evolve how the organization works and delivers on its mission to help students succeed.”

Previously, Feist worked with Cargill as managing director of Format Solutions (a software product division), group chief information officer and data and business intelligence director for a global SAP program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business computer information systems from St. Cloud State University.

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