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Altierus Career College Teams Up With Nearpod To Bolster Hands-On Approach to Education With New Classroom Technology

July 18, 2018

Altierus Career College has introduced an interactive learning platform on its campuses, further enhancing Altierus's hands-on learning approach for adult students. The platform, Nearpod, enables real-time student interaction and feedback with digital learning tools, like videos, 3D models and live quizzes, on any web-enabled device to drive engagement between the student and the instructor.

"Today's learners are surrounded by technology and respond positively when given the opportunity to use it in new, productive ways," said Jacob Kassuba, executive director of campus operations for Altierus Career College. "With Nearpod, we're excited to turn the old, 'stand-and-deliver' lecture into a truly engaging experience for students—one that aims to improve their comprehension of technical concepts and to keep them coming back for more."

Nearpod's technology provides a variety of interactive tools that enable students to digitally mark-up diagrams, rotate animated 3D models, watch short videos and take live quizzes—all of which can be shared with the instructor. Altierus will also measure the impact the technology has on outcomes like student/instructor satisfaction, attendance and grades.

"Teachers face the dual challenges of keeping students engaged while continually assessing to improve learning outcomes," said Rajeev Arora, Nearpod's chief marketing officer. "Our engagement-boosting digital learning tools are a perfect fit for Altierus's hands-on approach to teaching."

Nearpod is initially being launched in the Medical Assisting (MA) program. Students in that program will be issued an iPad that features the technology needed to interact with their instructor, their classmates and an 80-inch large-screen display in the classroom. More than 40 interactive lectures—nearly 60 percent of the material—will be presented via the Nearpod platform in the MA program.

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About Altierus:
Altierus Career College is a dedicated community that fully equips students to thrive. With campuses in Tampa, Fla., Norcross, Ga. and Houston, Texas. Altierus helps students build strong professional and personal skills through 1:1 guidance and a community of students accountable to each other and faculty to help them stay on track throughout their journey. Altierus is part of Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit career education system that builds better student experiences through new programs, campus improvements, grants and scholarships. For more information, visit

About Nearpod:
Nearpod is an award-winning education technology company that is empowering teachers to transform instruction reaching 3 in 5 school districts across the US. Through the combination of software that merges multimedia with real-time student feedback, ready-to-teach digital content designed in partnership with respected publishers like Common Sense Education, PhET and Readworks, and unparalleled educator support, Nearpod is changing how teachers are integrating technology into the classroom.

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