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How the coronavirus is prompting higher-ed grantmakers to change course

April 1, 2020

This reporter spoke to a variety of higher education grantmakers and others in the industry about how their strategies have changed in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Peter Taylor, president of ECMC Foundation, was interviewed.

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Here's how to break down your college financial aid award letter

The following article is from CNBC

March 30, 2020

National college scholarships may turn students into "little fish in a big pond." Instead, ECMC's Jan Smith and other financial literacy experts say local scholarships may often offer less competition and a greater chance for success.

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Let's make the 2020's the decade of career and technical education

The following article was written by Jeremy Wheaton, President and CEO of ECMC Group, and published by Forbes

February 28, 2020

ECMC Group CEO Jeremy Wheaton contributed an article about the importance of taking action to support career and technical education. Jeremy is a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council.

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ECMC Group gives back through doing day

February 26, 2020

ECMC Group employees spent part of the day building 1,000 kits for six local nonprofit organizations. More than 75 employees participated in the volunteer event.

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Student aid secret: even high-income families can qualify

The following article is from CNBC

February 21, 2020

Jennifer Satalino, director of ECMC's The College Place-Oregon, is quoted in an article about financial aid award letters and how many families assume they won't qualify for aid because of their income level.

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