Our executive leadership team and board of directors are dedicated to making a major impact on postsecondary access and participation, facilitating successful student loan repayment and closing the nation's middle-skills gap.

Jan Hines, President and Chief Executive Officer, ECMC

In her role as president and chief executive officer of ECMC, Ms. Hines is responsible for the management and coordination of all Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and guaranty agency program activities for ECMC. She also oversees our college access, trainings and outreach activities in the states where ECMC is the designated guarantor. Ms. Hines brings a wealth of operational and tactical experience to her position, including more than 30 years in higher education finance.

Since 1994, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) has asked ECMC to play a critical role in assisting guaranty agencies that wish to exit FFELP. Ms. Hines has worked with ED and has led the conversion of portfolios from agencies in Virginia, Oregon, Connecticut, California, Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island and Maine. She also led the conversion of portfolios from six third-party servicing clients. Each conversion has resulted in a timely transition of resources and uninterrupted services for borrowers, schools, lenders and servicers.

Ms. Hines currently serves on the board of directors of the National Council of Higher Education Resources.

Ms. Hines received a bachelor's degree in business from St. Catherine University.